We offer a high quality teacher training courses and fun filled yoga holidays in the arms of mother ocean.

India is the birth place of Yoga and Goa is the hub where souls from all over the world come in search for Yoga and Peace.The Land of Goa is famous for its Pristine beaches and the best in the place is Agonda beach

Our practice of 200 hr Yoga teacher training courses are systematic and scientific, teaching traditional yoga with a blend of modernization. We believe the philosophy taught in our school should be useful in one’s daily life. If you study with us you will emerge as a versatile, well –rounded and successful yoga teacher in the world. Our mode of instruction is staying true with the trusted Indian Gurukula system. Knowledge is imparted through the evolving relationship between the Guru and the student (Shishya).

Join our 200 hours Yoga teacher training course, to transform your life and begin a peaceful journey with us. If you want to simply unwind after a long work and want to relax, come and take part in our extra flexible Yoga Holiday Program. Choose your convenient dates, and join the yogis for a few classes and meet yourself during evening meditations.

Why Choose Ocean Yoga India School?

YOUR safety is our top most PRIORITY!!!!

Students come from across the globe and several for the first time to India. We  understand your concern for safety and hence, are always with you to ensure your security from the time you land in Goa till we bid you goodbye.

YOU will LEARN to your hearts content!!!!

Whether you wish to further your practice or to build a career in yoga, we value your urge to gain knowledge and assure you of a very fulfilling course which has been designed by several yogic minds and garnished with time and experience.

YOU will live, breathe and sleep the OCEAN!!!!

Inhale the delightful smell of the sea while practicing your morning pranayama, connect your vinyasa flow to the flow of water on the shoreline, and sleep peacefully at night while the mother ocean sings a lullaby in your ears.

YOU will go back TRANSFORMED!!!!

We believe that if we are able to bring even the slightest of transformation in your mind, body or soul, only then will we have done justice to our teaching. Our silent meditation programs, karma yoga and community service shall help you to completely let go off your ego.

YOU will enjoy the food, friends, and FUN!!!!

Coming all the way to India has to be more meaningful than just a course. Hence, in addition to the course, you are assured of delicious, sattvik food, building a soulful connection with your batch-mates and having lots of fun during your stay with us. You’ll be going back home soon enough so enjoy every minute that you’re away because when you get back home you’re more than likely going to feel ‘homesick’ about the place you just left behind!

OUR connection is FOREVER!!!!

We know that everything cannot be learnt in 24 days and hence, we have a one of its kind policy in the world of maintaining a support system for all our students even after their departure with us. You can email us all your queries any time even after your course ends and our teaching team would be happy to help you.



In our 200-hour yoga teacher training, we teach a Trio Style practice including Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. In this manner, the student has an option of understanding and choosing their own style of yoga practice and teaching in the future. Most of our students also come for deepening their practice and we provide a perfect course to understand the fine details of Yogic Philosophy/Anatomy and Practices. For students who surely want to become Yoga teachers, our Teaching Methodology, Asana Clinic and Adjustment Workshops are amazing eye openers and take you to a level of yoga never visited before.

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Yoga Holidays 

Ultra Flexible Packages – Your Dates – Your Days – Your Choice of Package

We offer ongoing Yoga Holiday packages, assuring a quality & personalized service. Whether you are a single traveller, a couple, a group of friends or family, a Yoga Holiday is the ideal way to relax and unwind. With the beach, the whole beach market, a variety of cafes/stores nearby, 24×7 WiFi to stay connected and lots of sunshine, Ocean Yoga India is a paradise for peace seekers. The prices are most economic as compared to the other yoga schools in vicinity but the quality is of higher standard. Indulge in taking a variety of yoga classes as and when you want to. Meditation in the evenings and free time to explore the nearby attractions, is a choice like never before. It is our aim to make your stay in Goa relaxing and inspiring, so that you feel happier and healthier.

Ocean Yoga India retreat has a spacious yoga shala for classes as well as individual practices, a sitting area and a dining area. There is 24×7 WiFi connection (Although it may not be very regular or speedy as in the west), a small library to expand your knowledge, not to mention all the sunshine and fresh air to revive and rejuvenate you as you immerse deeply into the practice of yoga.

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We preach, practice and teach yoga that helps you with you and makes everyday life more comfortable, connected and straight up amazing.


We are a group of schools which has already trained over 1000 students in 200/300/500 hours YTTC. We have hosted over 1000 Yoga holiday guests. Some of our testimonials from our other group schools